In collaboration with the leading Chinese viscose filament yarn producer Yibin Hiest Fiber Limited Corporation, Renewcell has successfully used 100 percent Circulose® dissolving pulp in industrial scale viscose filament yarn production. While viscose staple fibers made with Circulose® have been commercially available since 2019, the filament development opens up additional product segments for 100 percent Circulose® fibers in activewear, as a substitute for polyester filament, and in luxury as a substitute for silk.

Yibin Hiest Fiber Limited Corporation (‘Yibin’), a CanopyStyle “Green Shirt” ranked viscose staple fiber and viscose filament yarn producer based in China, has verified Circulose® pulp for use at a 100 percent concentration in industrial scale viscose filament yarn production. The quality of the yarn produced from 100 percent Circulose® by Yibin in December 2021 exceeds “Superior Grade” according to Chinese National Standards of GB/T 13758-2008. This marks the first known industrial scale production of virgin quality viscose filament yarn made from 100 percent recycled textiles. The new commercial partnership with Yibin has been facilitated by Renewcell’s exclusive trading partner Ekman Group.

"Our partnership with Renewcell and Ekman is an exciting and giant step,” commented Deng Min, President of Yibin Grace Group Co. Ltd. and Yibin Hiest Fiber Limited Corporation. “Circulose® filament yarn made from 100% recycled textile waste is a significant addition to our Made in Green product portfolio. There is a clearly increasing consciousness for more sustainable material in textile industry. I am convinced that by combining our expertise and knowledge, we will reduce carbon footprint and accelerate progress towards our ambitious goal of making fashion a closed loop.”

The development follows on the successful lab scale production of 100 percent Circulose® filament yarn in collaboration with the German research institute Fraunhofer in 2020.

“I am delighted to expand the commercial Circulose® portfolio to include filament yarn. I am also impressed by Yibin’s innovation capacity and look forward to deepening our collaboration and start shipping Circulose® filament yarn to brand partners in 2022. In Renewcell’s endeavor to make fashion circular, we will keep working together with leading partners to prove the usefulness of Circulose® in different textile applications” comments Patrik Lundström, CEO of Renewcell.