As part of making the fashion industry more sustainable, H&M group invests in the Swedish company re:newcell as a minority shareholder. It is an important investment in re:newcell’s technology, an innovation with the potential to benefit the fashion industry as a whole.

“I am proud that H&M group sees the advantages of our innovation,” says Mattias Jonsson, CEO of re:newcell. “Together we can contribute to changing the way fashion is produced and recycled.”

re:newcell provides a sustainable alternative to producing clothes from virgin materials. re:newcell’s technology upcycles used garments with high cellulosic content – such as cotton, lyocell and viscose – into a new, biodegradable material, re:newcell pulp. It can be turned into textile fiber and fed into the textile production cycle.

“This is the link that has been missing from the production cycle. re:newcell has closed the loop,” says Mattias Jonsson. “The way fashion is produced and consumed can hopefully be transformed into a never-ending loop in the future.”

At their plant in Kristinehamn, Sweden, re:newcell uses both used clothes and residues from textile production, which decreases the amount of textiles ending up in landfills or as insulation. The plant has a closed loop production system for chemicals and water and uses renewable energy. The current production capacity is 7,000 tons of pulp per year and additional units are in the planning stage.

Contact re:newcell: Mattias Jonsson