Today, re:newcell revealed the world’s first garments made from Circulose, a new climate friendly material destined to transform the fashion industry and stopping it from being one of the most resource intensive in the world. Based on cutting edge science, a new, innovative process takes old jeans, t-shirts and other worn out cotton clothes and transforms them it into a completely new natural material without quality loss. It’s the first time these types of circular garments are produced on a larger scale. Circulose garments will be available to buy in stores in collaboration with selected brands in the beginning of next year.

The fashion industry generates more greenhouse gases than the aviation and shipping industry combined, according to UNCTAD, the main U.N. body for trade, investment and development issues. This means that the industry needs to find new solutions and adapt to customer demands for sustainability and ethical fashion. While there are several initiatives experimenting with new circular materials, this is the first solution that works on a larger scale. By choosing Circulose garments instead of regular cotton or other materials, people can cut their waste, climate, water, microplastics and deforestation fashion footprint to almost zero. All without compromising quality or style.

– The fashion scene is always changing but the industry itself never really has. It has always been about growing more cotton, pumping more oil or harvesting more trees in order to sell more of the must-have pieces of the season. Meanwhile, less than 1 % of clothes are recycled. It’s crazy. Circulose was created with the ambition to shift the entire industry to circularity and to dramatically lower the impact fashion has on the environment, says Harald Cavalli-Björkman, Head of Brand for Circulose.

Circulose is made from nothing but discarded textiles. Using a breakthrough process powered by 100 % renewable energy, old cotton clothes are broken down to the molecular level and reassembled into a pristine natural material that requires no cotton fields, no oil, and no trees to produce. The garments that will be shown at Première Vision in Paris in September are the first ever to be made from this new material at an industrial scale. During the fall, retail launches with major global brands will be revealed.

– Fashion will kill this planet if it doesn’t change. As a new material, we knew Circulose had to do three things in order to make a real difference in the industry – it needed to be circular, it needed to be affordable, and it needed to deliver the quality that people expect. And here we are! We’re now incredibly excited about our upcoming collaborations with some of the world’s leading brands to bring this material to the fashion runways and into the closets where it belongs, Harald Cavalli-Björkman continues.

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