The environmental assessment delegation at the County Administrative Board of Västernorrland ('MPD') decided on 15 April 2021 that Renewcell's application for an environmental permit for the planned operations in Sundsvall was complete without outstanding issues. This was communicated to the market through a press release the same day.

An article entitled “Motvind för Renewcell” (English: “Headwind for Renewcell”) in Dagens industri published on 11 June 2021 (10 June online) describes the circumstances surrounding the company's permit process in a way that can be interpreted to mean that there is new uncertainty or delays in the process. This is not the case.

With this message, the company wishes to clarify that:

  • At present, no deviations from the previously communicated timeplan or budget regarding the establishment at Ortviken's industrial area in Sundsvall have occurred.
  • On 15 April 2021, the MPD decided that all their supplementary requests had been answered to their satisfaction. This was announced to the market through a press release from Renewcell on the same day (
  • Renewcell's complete environmental permit application was officially posted for public consultation on 19 April. The public consultation period closed on 24 May.
  • Renewcell has submitted responses to all requests for clarifications received during the public consultation period. No outstanding issues remain.
  • Renewcell is now awaiting a final formal decision from the MPD. Renewcell intends to communicate the decision to the market through a press release as soon as it is available.