Copenhagen Fashion Week has officially partnered with Circulose®, a new recycled material for fashion. The partnership, rooted in shared values of innovation and circularity, brings together two Nordic fashion industry leaders to accelerate the shift to a global circular economy for fashion. The partnership reinforces Copenhagen Fashion Week’s mission to create a global platform for responsible fashion, and Circulose®’s vision to change the fabric of fashion from the inside. The first occasion takes place during the SS23 edition on August 9-12, 2022, when globally recognized press, buyers and international creative leaders will gather in Copenhagen for shows, trade fairs, talks, activations, presentations and events. The partnership is long-term, covering five seasons starting from SS23.

Recognised as the fifth most influential fashion week in the world, Copenhagen Fashion Week has garnered international acclaim for representing leading Nordic fashion and driving sustainability efforts as the first fashion organisation to create mandatory sustainability standards for official programme participants beginning 2023. These ambitious strides mean that Copenhagen Fashion Week is expected to attract more international presence than ever before.

To strengthen and further this dedication and supported by Circulose®, Copenhagen Fashion Week is investing in emerging Nordic talent by launching its inaugural Talent Support Scheme in August 2022, which will encompass an ambitious mentoring and support program for designers, with a dedicated Talent showroom as part of CPHFW Spring / Summer editions.

“By announcing this program we are proud to introduce the CPHFW NEWTALENT support scheme as a formalised structure to how Copenhagen Fashion Week is investing in the next generation of exceptional talent. With responsibility an overarching and foundational focus of our organisation, CPHFW NEWTALENT will continue to grow this dedication by presenting a support scheme that will introduce our global audience to three Nordic visionaries and provide an encompassing program to build their brand on an international scale. Through the vital partnership of Circulose® as overarching official partner of CPHFW NEWTALENT, we are able to make this dedication a reality, aligning with a holistic partner whose values feel perfectly synonymous with our own. ”

— Cecilie Thorsmark, CEO Copenhagen Fashion Week 

Given Copenhagen Fashion Week’s globally impactful initiatives, Circulose® brings an innovative and ambitious solution to make fashion circular. Circulose® is a natural material made by transforming discarded cotton textiles, like old jeans, into a dissolving pulp. In a breakthrough process powered by 100% renewable energy, Circulose® transforms discarded textiles into a new material that needs no cotton fields, no oil, and no trees. For designers and fashion creatives the key feature of Circulose® is that it frees them from the need to sacrifice style or quality for the sake of circularity. That means Circulose® is perfectly at home at Copenhagen Fashion Week, with its prestigious reputation for fostering exceptional fashion talent.

“To make fashion circular, we have to join forces with leading ecosystems like Copenhagen Fashion Week to get Circulose® into the hands of designers, brands, and creatives in every corner of the industry. Circulose® changes fashion from the inside by eliminating old constraints of textile-to-textile recycled materials without sacrificing quality and style, so partnering with a globally relevant fashion week is only natural. We are grateful for CPHFW’s leadership in encouraging circularity and nurturing top talent, and we look forward to supporting the future shapers of style with them over the coming years.”

— Patrik Lundström, CEO of Renewcell, the Swedish innovator behind Circulose®.

About Circulose® – changing fashion from the inside
Circulose® is a branded material produced from 100% recycled textiles. Renewcell’s customers use Circulose® as a raw material to produce natural biodegradable textile fibers like viscose and lyocell. By replacing virgin textile fibers like cotton with fibers produced from Circulose®, fashion brands can significantly reduce the climate and environmental impact caused by raw material production and fashion waste. More information on Circulose® can be found at

About Copenhagen Fashion Week
Copenhagen Fashion Week is the fifth most influential international fashion week, the sustainable fashion capital of the world, and a leader in fostering top Nordic talent. Taking place biannually in January/February and August, Copenhagen Fashion Week welcomes esteemed press, buyers, brands, and influencers to four days of shows, presentations, trade fairs, talks and events across the city, attracting an international audience of leading industry figureheads.

Sustainability is a core value for Copenhagen Fashion Week. Their sustainability strategy is underpinned by the UN Sustainable Development Goals 12, 13 and 17, aiming to reduce the impact of Fashion Week events and direct brands toward a more sustainable execution of collections and shows. In 2019, Copenhagen Fashion Week announced its ambition to transition the event into a pioneering industry platform for sustainability. In January 2020, Copenhagen Fashion Week launched a three-year action plan, “Reinventing Copenhagen Fashion Week,” with minimum sustainability requirements for brands on the official schedule that will take effect in 2023.

On the other hand, Copenhagen Fashion Week is formalising its dedication to emerging Nordic talent through its newly inaugurated Talent Initiative. The talent scheme supports designers under three years in business through a structured annual scheme focusing on international business growth, mentorship, and showcasing.